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M&E exports pipes and fittings, coupling,plumbing and drainage products for more than 30 years. No Hub pipes and fittings are made as per ASTM A888 American standard, CSAB70 Canadian standard and EN877 European standard. we have registered no hub pipes and fittings in IAMPO(with UPC mark) for “MMCST” marking and in CSA for “HB” marking.

With pipes and fittings, we also supply stainless steel couplings in different sizes from 1-1/2” to 10” . steel (or malleable iron ) pipe /conduit clamps and hangers, steel nipples. Etc…

 1) No hub pipes, sizes from 1-1/2 to 15”

 2) No hub fittings has following types:

Bends(short bend, long bend)/Wye/double Wye/Tee/Reducer/Combination/Double Combination /Sanitary Cross/Sanitary CrossTapped /Adpater /Blind plug/Iron body cleanout tapped/ P-trap/Deep seal P-trap/ P-trap with primer/ P-trap with tapped inlet/ Two way cleanout/ closet bend/ closet flange riser/ Closet flanges (Mechanical)/DVT/Backwater valve/ SVT/Reducing/P-trap/Floor flange with test plate/Cleanout –line with brass cover,etc…..

 3) Plumbing &Drainage products include:

Floor drain/Angel Floor drain/Roof drain/ BRASS VERTICAL WALL PIT DRAIN /Brass cleanout /Satin brass channel grate/ brass & Nickel bronze STRAINER,ASSY
Back water valve/Carrier/Face plate/Dome/Funnel/Hydrant/Trench drain / Extension joint/ Bearing pan/ interceptor/Body/Collar/Grate/Cover/Ring/With screws,bolt,washer, nuts, plastic nipples, carton box ,assembly.
Material with grey iron ,ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, nickel bronze, aluminum ,ABS plastic, EPDM/Neoprene rubber gasket.
Casting process : green sand casting, resin sand casting, shell mold casting, stamping, forging, Centrifugal casting, horizontal line casting, squeezing casting line, permanent molding casting, investment casting (water-glass , silica-sol)

4)Coupling: we supply

–Germany type non-perforated type with(or, without) welded housing design, non-perforated type with interlock housing design;
–British type hose clamp with tube (or, welded)housing,
–Italy type hose clamp, Quick release clamp,
–American type perforated and interlock design hose clamp; perforated clamp with handle;T-bolt clamp, T-bolt with spring clamp , Unitary clamp,P-clip with rubber….
You are welcome to contact us for any special requirements. And you will be supplied with qualified products.



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