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  • Casting foundry status in Japan

    Many foundries in Japan are working on environment measures aggressively and are showing excellent results. Specific examples of the measures in the foundries using green sand mold, self-hardening mold and full mold process etc…. For example, use of artificial sand, thorough local dust collection...
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  • Welcome to M&E

    Welcome to M&E

    M&E is proud to announce that we have the whole line of no-hub pipe & fitting sizes available from 1/2” to 15” , especially the big sizes as 10”/12”/15” pipe & fittings. Please feel free to contact us if any inquiry. M&E exports pipes and fittings, plumbing and drainage products f...
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  • Industry Information

    Industry Information

    For the production of a corrosion-resistant surface in the region of the surfaces in contact with hot gas of a heating boiler of cast iron, the corresponding parts of the casting mould are treated with a black wash which contains an alloying element, preferably 40-50% ferrosilicon, which converts...
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  • relates to a technology for casting large-size statue with metal shell

    relates to a technology for casting large-size statue with metal shell

    Expansion defects such as scab or fin are mostly studied from the standpoint of binder contents and properties. In this paper, these defects in gray cast iron for automobiles were examined with green sand molds and shell molds, particularly from the point of view of feldspar content in silica san...
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