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Product Description :GRATE BAR & Roller

A process wherein an incineration grate is tempered by a medium that flows therethrough. The grate has a number of hollow plates made of sheet metal. Each plate lies on the next underlying plate. A connection pipe is arranged on one side of each plate and a discharge pipe is arranged on the other side of each plate for the flowing medium. The individual plates are crossed by a plurality of tubular elements which open on the top side of the plates. Primary air is supplied to the materials to be incinerated through the tubular elements. Primary air supply is individually dosed to each tubular element.

A grate covering for an incineration grate of an incineration furnace having a combustion chamber, includes a plurality of metal grate bars, each having a surface facing the combustion chamber that includes a layer made of a temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant non-metallic material, wherein a thickness of the layer is minimally sufficient to bear pressure and thrust loading. The thickness of the layer is about 10 mm to 15 mm. For a forward feed grate, the layer on each metal grate bar is present only in a zone of contact with an adjacent metal grate bar, and for a roller grate, and wherein the layer is present on the entire surface facing the combustion chamber.

The grate bar is a key component of waste incineration equipment. The main function of the grate bar is to promote waste incineration. The working temperature is relatively high, so the heat resistance and wear resistance of the product are critical. The material of the product determines the performance of the it. We develop, produce, and jointly design the grate bar products according to customer requirements, at same time established good cooperative relations with many foreign customers.

Grate Bar Types:

fixed grate bar, movable grate bar, air-cooled grate bar, water-cooled grate bar.

Grate bar material:

DIN1.4743  DIN1.4776
DIN1.4777  DIN1.4823  DIN1.4826
DIN1.4837  DIN1.4848  DIN1.4855


Production capability :

1)raw castings /month :4000pcs grate bars,
2)machining capability currently is  2000pcs/month

Quality Inspection:

dsaff (1)
dsaff (2)dasff

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