Brass Fire sprinkler head for water sprinkler system

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Widely useed in automatic sprinkler system for fire protection on commercial, civil and municipal constructions. Such like, office, school, kitchen and warehouse; Work by temperature sensitive; Vairous types to choose; Easy install and use.

                     Characteristics and Functions  
Model FESFR fire sprinkler  
Material Brass, chrome plating  
Type Upright/ Pendent/ Horizontal Sidewall  
Norminal diameter(mm) DN15 or DN20  
Connecting thread R1/2″ or R3/4″  
Glass bulb color Red  
Temperature rating 68°C  
Flow Rate 80±4 or 115±6  
Bulb 3mm or 5mm  
Response quick response  
Nozzle Rated Temp Max Ambient Temp Glass Ball Color
57°C 27°C Orange
68°C 38°C Red
79°C 49°C Yellow
93°C 63°C Green
141°C 111°C Blue
182°C 152°C Purple

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