Tesla Model S and Model X disappeared from the showroom, further hinting that they are about to “refresh”

The latest report from the electric vehicle community indicates that some Tesla showrooms are now missing Model S and Model X. These updates, coupled with the production lines of the two flagship cars that were discontinued at the Fremont plant last month, seem to indicate that the various upcoming “refresh” are indeed ready to be launched soon.
As pointed out by the Silicon Valley Tesla owner group on Twitter, the Tesla Stanford showroom now only uses Model 3 and Model Y as its display units. Later, other electric car owners and enthusiasts also noticed that Tesla’s showrooms (such as the Century City website) are no longer equipped with Model S and Model X displays. According to reports, test drives for Model S and Model X are not yet available.
Interestingly, according to reports, the Tesla Model S skateboard, which has long been the flagship product of some showrooms, has been withdrawn. This has aroused speculation in the electric car industry that Tesla may be preparing to launch an updated skateboard design for the two flagship cars, perhaps with some battery pack changes.
Tesla Model S and Model X have long been the flagship cars of electric car manufacturers, while large sedans and SUVs are still equipped with some of the company’s older technologies. This is particularly noticeable in the battery pack of the vehicle, which still uses 18650 batteries, which are the same as those used in the original Tesla Roadster ten years ago. With this in mind, it is clear that certain updates will benefit Model S and Model X a lot.
No skateboards. That is the more interesting part. This means that the appearance of the battery pack of the updated model is different, or the change is more important than we thought.
Tesla closed the Model S and Model X production lines at the end of last month on December 24. CEO Elon Musk pointed out in an email that the vehicle production line will be restarted on January 11. Enable. Neither Tesla nor Elon Musk specified the reason for the shutdown. The Fremont Factory’s Model S and Model X production lines, although speculation suggests that a suspension may have been taken to allow the company time to update the production lines of these two vehicles as needed.
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Post time: Feb-05-2021