Improved High-Chromium Cast-Iron Grate Bars

The main failure forms of grate bars used in sintering machines are ablation and fracture. In order to improve the bar’s strength and corrosion resistance,the optimization design to its composition has been made.Through adding proper aluminum and silicon in high chromium cast iron,the bar’s oxidation resistance can be improved. In addition, after being modified with right amount boron, zirconium and yttrium,the structure of high chromium cast iron will be refined,which will greatly improve the bar’s mechanical performance and service property. As the filtration technology has been adopted, the quantity of inclusions in the structure of cast iron has been reduced, which improves the bar’ s strength, toughness and oxidation resistance. The improved high chromium cast iron grate bars made in China have been used in the platform of the 450 m sintering machine for many years, and its consumption has been lowered to 9-12 g per ton of sintering ore,and its service life has been prolonged to over three years.

Post time: Apr-25-2022